BikeMO Routes

BikeMO has two different ride options. Each ride provides a choice of ride lengths. The road ride leaves from Rocheport, Missouri and passes through Boonville on the way to Arrow Rock, Missouri. This route is 100% on paved roads. Most are low traffic state lettered routes. The route is an out-and-back route which means riders will return via the same route.

Katy Trail Option

This beautiful ride option is a great choice for all riders but it is especially appealing for families or those who are timid about riding on the roads.

There is very limited SAG support for trail riders because the trail is only accessible from a limited number of locations. Please make sure you are self supported with plenty of tubes, air, water, food, etc. We can’t access the trail with SAG vehicles. We will have a SAG stop available along the trail at the Boonville trailhead and in Pilot Grove. The distance between Rocheport and Boonville via the trail is about 14 miles. If you choose to ride to Boonville and visit the SAG stop it will be approximately 28 miles round-trip. If you choose to ride to Pilot Grove the round-trip distance is about 53 miles.

You also have the option of turning around at any point on the trail to create your own ride length so shorter options and longer options are up to you.  Please make sure whatever distance you choose is within your ability and you don’t push yourself past your limits. Please plan on being finished with your ride by 3:00-4:00 in the afternoon. The ride includes a couple of small sections of road between the winery and the Rocheport trailhead and when entering and riding through Boonville.

Rocheport (Ride Start/Finish)

Both the road route and Katy Trail ride begin and end at Les Bourgeois Vinyards. Les Bourgeois is a short 10 minute drive from Columbia on I-70. The vineyard sits atop the bluff which runs along the Missouri River. The property has magnificent views from the top of the cliffs which drop 250 feet to the river valley. The Katy Trail is directly below the property and a trail links the Winery A-Frame and patio/seating area to the Katy Trail.

After leaving Les Bourgeois the road tilts downwards into Rocheport. A quaint community along the Missouri River, the Katy Trail runs right through town. Rocheport boasts some great bed and breakfasts. Lewis and Clark visited the area in 1804.

Boonville (30 Mile Route turn-around/SAG) Map My Ride Route Map  or (PDF Map and Cue Sheet)

After leaving Rocheport, riders will head back out to route 40 and continue west towards Boonville, Missouri. An initial climb leads to a decent into an absolutely flat river valley. Miles of fast flat pavement will greet the riders as they parallel the Katy Trail through this lush farmland. Riders won’t see so much as a bump in the road until they reach the Missouri River bridge leading them into the heart of Boonville. Once they reach the city, riders will meander through the streets of downtown Boonville past many great shops and restaurants. The history of the town radiates from the beautiful architecture of some of the town’s mid-19th century buildings. An eclectic mix of styles from Queen Anne and Victorian style homes to the Katy Depot, the only surviving Spanish Mission style depot along the Katy Trail, can be viewed along the route. Riders will stop at the Boonville Visitors Center located on 1st Street between Morgan and Spring Streets. The visitors center is located right on the Katy Trail as well. This SAG stop provides restrooms, water, food and shade.  Riders can snack, rehydrate and rest before they continue on or head back. This location will also serve as the SAG stop for our trail riders. There are two locations for restrooms. Trail riders and road riders are asked to use the restrooms at the Katy Trail Head across the street from the visitors center. There is a very small gravel parking lot that will have to be crossed to get to those restrooms so road riders may use the visitor center restroom but please use the trail restroom unless you absolutely can’t cross the parking lot.

M Highway (50 mile Turn-around) Map My Ride Route Map or (PDF Map and Cue Sheet)

There is a SAG stop between Boonville and Blackwater that serves as the 40 mile turn-around point. Those looking to get a 50 mile ride in can head 5 miles past this stop and turn-around at the marked spot (just past the Oo and M junction).

Blackwater (65 mile Turn-around/SAG) Map My Ride Route Map or (PDF Map and Cue Sheet)

After leaving Boonville, riders will continue their westward journey towards Blackwater, MO. The route will take riders through rolling farmland. The route will turn north and bring riders into the heart of historic Blackwater, MO. Riders will be able to check out the local shops and sights as they refuel and rest before continuing on. Those riding the 65 mile route will head back the way they came and those riders who are tackling the 90 mile route will head north towards Arrow Rock along scenic country roads.

Arrow Rock (90 mile turn-around/SAG) Map My Ride Route Map or (PDF Map and Cue Sheet)

Riders who choose to ride the 90 mile route will find themselves in Arrow Rock, Missouri. The entire village of Arrow Rock has been designated as a National Historic Landmark.  Riders will find themselves stepping (or riding) back in time when they enter this unique village.  Historic homes, shops, and other buildings serve as the centerpiece for this Missouri jewel. Upon arriving in Arrow Rock, riders may want to spend a few minutes rolling through the streets to check out the village’s many historical features and the Visitor Center. Lewis & Clark visited the area and noted the bluff where the village was later built.

As a special treat. The SAG stop in Arrow Rock will be provided by J. Huston Tavern. Built in 1834 to serve as the Huston’s private residence, this historic tavern has been continuously serving the public for 177 years.  Riders can stop at the tavern to refuel before they head back out on the route to return to Columbia. Riders will return via the same route they took on the way out.

SAG (Support And Gear)

Several SAG stops will be available to pick up snacks and water on both the trail and the road routes. SAG vehicles will be available to assist riders as needed along the route as well. For those riders who choose to take the Katy Trail option, please note that there will not be roving SAG assistance available. Aside from trail heads, there is limited access to the trail so please make sure you can ride self-supported and you take a cell phone with you in case of an emergency.

National Bicycle Routes

BikeMO routes feature portions of two of the six national bicycle routes that cross Missouri–the Lewis and Clark Bicycle Route and the American Discovery Trail.  Helping to promote and improve these routes is part of MoBikeFed’s mission. Find out more about these national routes here.